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Payroll Assistants specialise in managing and maintaining the payroll of a given company.
Payroll Assistant

Key Competencies 

Duties can include keeping records of all salaries of all employees, any bonuses and deductions and taxes. Payroll Assistant jobs require accuracy, honesty and good time keeping as, understandably, employees are very sensitive to how payroll is handled, and from an employer’s perspective there are many rules that govern how pay is calculated.


The tasks included in your job may vary from company to company depending on their size but they will usually contain one or more of the above. If you have experience in accounting, economics or have trained in payroll then here on the Fusion People website we have a number of payroll assistant vacancies available.

How much does a Payroll Assistant employee get paid?

Payroll Assistant

A payroll assistant's salary is based on their overall experience. The higher up you are, the higher your salary. However, on an average, a payroll assistant receives £22,000 per annum. This is the very basic salary, so it can differ depending on your position. 

Where would I find Payroll Assistant jobs?

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We have a team of dedicated and expert Payroll recruitment specialists who will be able to guide you through the recruitment process. If you have any questions about any of our roles or just need some more information then we will be happy to help answer anything you would like to ask. So, if you are looking for a payroll position, get in touch with Fusion People to see how we can help.

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