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Landscape Architect Jobs

Landscape Architects are highly skilled individuals who specialise in planning and designing areas of land such as gardens and public spaces.

There are many different responsibilities that a Landscape Architect has, so being confident in carrying these out is essential to the project being effective. You’ll need to be well versed in working with a range of sites and project managing the development of the area. Quite often you will be responsible for designing and implementing policies which can cover anything from environmental impact right through to the maintenance and restoration of the site.

Landscape Architects we have recently placed earn between £31,000 and £39,000 per annum, or £18 to £23 per hour. Must be chartered by the Landscape Institute (CMLI).

As a Landscape Architect you will be working with a range of people from the client who commissioned you to the contractors who are there to carry out the work, so excellent communication skills are a must. You will also need to be confident in instructing others about the work that needs to be carried out as Landscape Architects often oversee the progress of the project.

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