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Project Architect Jobs

Working in construction, whether it is housing or industrial, is demanding; there are many different aspects that have to be considered before and during a project to ensure that the end result is what the client wants.

A Project Architect is the one who oversees the architectural aspects of a project working with Structural Engineers, Mechanical Engineers and Landscape Architects to ensure that the clients' visions are realised.

Project Architect

Key Competencies

A Project Architect (PA) is mainly responsible for overlooking the development process for the construction, production and design sector. 


Becoming a Project Architect is a very competitive industry so it is important that you hold the right qualifications. Five GCSE's A*-C are needed including English, Math's and Science. You are required to have a bachelor's degree in architecture and must have completed a master's program prior to employment.

Duties of a Project Architect often include designing the structure, choosing the right construction materials and producing the various documents needed to work from to complete the project. In larger companies Project Architects may work with a Project Manager who is there to assist with the general administration of the project. Must be chartered by RIBA.

How much does a Project Architect get paid?

Project Architect

Project Architects can earn between £35,000 and £42,000 per annum, or £19 to £28 per hour depending on experience and organisation.

Where can I find Project Architect jobs?

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