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A skilful Construction Estimator is worth their weight in gold because the success of a construction project rests and falls with their cost analysis.

Estimators literally estimate the materials, labour and equipment needed to undertake a construction project. Although often cast unfavourably against their surveying colleagues, Estimators play a critical role in putting together the tender documents that become the pipeline and order book that all construction firms rely on.


Prerequisites for an estimator include excellent knowledge of materials, equipment, transport and labour costs and relationships with third-party businesses to collect quotes from materials suppliers and sub-contractors.

Estimators also require an eye for detail as they will plan job timescales and assess the levels of risk on a project.


The route into estimating is less formal than surveying, incumbents are typically drawn from other roles within the industry, be it from administrative, operations or commercial. 

How much does an Estimator get paid?

According to our most recent survey of Estimating professionals in the UK, the current average salary stands at £49,423. This does include all levels of role from Assistant to Chief Estimator titles.

Estimator Jobs

Estimator salaries have seen a slight increase, although it has slight stagnated in the South. Most salaries follow a trend of being higher in the South and lower in the North.


This is true with Estimators, although the salaries are increasing at a faster rate London and the North are increasing at the same rate, although Estimators in the North still has the lowest salaries compared to elsewhere in the UK. Contract / Temp salaries also follow this trend, mimicking the permanent salaries, we can see that London has a high salary range and the North East is the lowest.

Northern and London salaries are growing at the same rate, although London salaries are still 25% higher than the UK Average (reflecting the cost of living in London). The South is stagnating, with a smaller increase rate of 0.5% with the Midlands is increasing at a steady rate. The desire to push forward with growth, in a time where business confidence is high (against predictions), also calls for good pre-tender teams and Estimators in particular. This suggests the picture will continue to be positive over the course of the next 12 months.

Where can I find Estimator jobs?

Estimators are usually found in head or regional offices. For large national contractors, these tend to be situated in the big regional cities (Bristol, Manchester, Glasgow etc). However, small and mid-sized contractors are found almost anywhere so although the greatest number of Estimator jobs are found in these large cities, there are also roles in a very broad spread of locations.

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