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At Fusion People we mix a global reach with a local personal service. So if you are looking right now for Construction Planner jobs, we are in an excellent position to be able to help you.

Engaged prior to the start of a project, the Planner is responsible for scheduling all construction activities to ensure that all the operations are completed in sequence and within the correct time scale.

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The Planner will analyse every element of the project in detail and programme the works (site activities) and produce a man-power (subcontractors) schedule. The Planner will aim to identify any scope for saving time (hence, saving the contractor money) — this will result in cost savings or early completion bonus payments. This will form the ‘Master Programme” for the project. It is then up to the Contracts/Site Manager to break the programme down into a detailed short-term programme. There are 2 types of planners; Tender Planners will establish programmes for projects not yet secured, and Project Planners firm up programmes set by the Tender Planner once secured and/or may be based on a large/complex project - planning that specific job.

How much does a Planner get paid?

Planner salaries are increasing at a slower rate than other job roles within the construction industry, compared to last years salaries.

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There still remains a larger divide between North and South with Southern salaries 18% higher than in the North. London unsurprisingly offers the highest salaries with a 35% average above the rest of the UK. The gap between London and the UK Average is higher than most job roles in Construction, and it has the fastest increase rate. Planners in the South are seeing the slowest increase at 0.5%, although it still has the second highest salary rate compared to the North & Scotland.

Construction Planner Salaries

Planner salaries are increasing at a slower rate than most Construction job roles. Planners see a bigger divide between UK average and London salaries and between North and South. Entry level salaries are steadily rising, while salaries offered at senior levels slow. There is a clear disparity in pay conditions between large and small firms, which is perhaps partly reflective of the higher rate of staff turnover at larger firms, where employers more frequently find themselves having to attract experienced staff in a highly competitive jobs market. It could also be argued that employees of smaller firms are paying a price for their loyalty.

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It’s no accident that Fusion People has the word "People" in its name. We like to offer the personal touch, and that’s because we know that the best results are achieved by working with people and personalities. If you sign up with us, you will soon realise that this is not an exercise in number crunching for us. And if you add our benefits and experience to our interest in people, you’ll get the winning combination that is Fusion People. We look forward to working with you.

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