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Fusion People is a specialist recruitment agency for jobs in the construction industry, with particular specialism in Project Manager jobs.

With overall responsibility for getting a project started; the planning, design and building, careful monitoring of progress and bringing the whole thing together, Project Managers are often the most valuable talent in a construction business.

Project Managers

Project Managers differ from Site Managers by taking responsibility for larger and more complex projects with a higher commercial value. 


Much like Site Managers, Project Managers can either ascend into project manager jobs by time served in the industry, typically moving from a hands-on trades role into managing smaller elements of projects and then working upwards from there. 

The more formal route is to undertake a degree in a construction or related subject and then gain entry at assistant level before slowly gaining responsibility for larger project elements.

How much does a Construction Project Manager get paid?

Given the critical nature of the role, it is perhaps unsurprising that Project Managers are among the best paid employees in a Construction business, with packages often including significant bonuses and incentives based on project delivery.

Project Manager Jobs

Uncertainty in the UK economy hasn›t affected remuneration for Project Managers so far. Despite gloomy predictions for the UK economy in the second half of 2016, order books have remained reasonably buoyant which has maintained upward pressure on both permanent salaries and contract rates.

Project Manager Jobs

The usual premium for London-based roles is present for Project Managers but is especially pronounced in contract roles even compared with nearby roles outside the M25. Whilst project pipelines remain healthy the outlook for Project Management salaries and rates looks good. Large upcoming infrastructure projects like Hinkley Point C and HS2 are likely to increase demand for PM professionals. A candidate-short market in 2017 is likely to place upward pressure on salaries, particularly in niche areas where skills are scarce.

Despite increasing numbers of candidates overall, there was still a shortage of top-calibre professionals. Project Managers who can partner within an organisation to deliver change (and ultimately drive revenue) continue to be among the most highly sought-after candidates by businesses aiming to improve inefficiencies. Project Managers are being offered numerous job offers and even competitive counter ones from their current employer when they look to change companies. Many of our clients are now focused on staff attraction and retention, with training opportunities and career progression at the heart of their strategies.

Fusion People and Project Management Jobs

Having operated in the construction industry in the UK and overseas for more than a decade, we have deep knowledge of the market and strong relationships with employers which means we can offer an unrivalled range of opportunities. In our experience, Project Managers are often driven by the quality of the role as much as the money offered - the prestige of the projects to be undertaken is crucial. We understand that and we believe that's why we are the people to talk to about Project Manager jobs.

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