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With responsibility for all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, Quantity Surveyors are critical to the financial control of a construction project.

With responsibility for all costs relating to building and civil engineering projects, from the initial calculations to the final figures, Quantity Surveyors are critical to the financial control of a construction project.

Quantity Surveyors


Surveyors have to call on excellent maths skills to manage the costs and contractual aspects of building and civil engineering projects. Depending on the nature of the projects, a Surveyor's main tasks may include working with architects and design engineers, analysing designs and estimating costs, visiting building sites, managing invoices from contractors and suppliers, and overseeing any variations made to designs and specifications.

To work in quantity surveyor jobs, you will need to have studied for a degree in quantity surveying, either through attending university full-time or through gaining a place on one of the work-based training schemes offered by the Chartered Surveyors Training Trust. Once qualified, Quantity Surveyors can become among the most sought after skill sets in the industry.

How much does a Quantity Surveyor get paid?

Salaries and rates for Quantity Surveyors are often a bellwether for the industry as a whole and we are seeing demand and remuneration closing in on the levels we saw prior to the last recession.

Quantity Surveyor Jobs

Like their Project Management colleagues, Surveyors see greater disparity in freelance rates compared to full time salaries from assistant to senior level, with the demands of the London market pushing rates much higher than elsewhere.

In terms of salaries, while most positions are being successfully filled at the advertised rate, we are seeing increases for roles owing to the competition for talent. In certain specialisms, organisations may need to increase their original offer to secure quality candidates with the skills they need.

Quantity Surveyor Jobs

The demand for high quality surveying professionals has remained as strong as ever over the past twelve months, with the number of roles our team of specialists has worked on up by a total of 14%. This covers both chartered and non-chartered positions, permanent and temporary, from entry level/assistants through commercial management and up to director level, with demand being high across the board.

Where can I find Quantity Surveyor jobs?

Being both office and site bound, Quantity Surveyors can be found almost anywhere. QSs working for contractors can be based on site for significant projects or may cover several smaller sites, incorporating a travel element in the role. According to our most recent industry survey, we found clusters of surveying professionals in and around the major urban centers across the UK but also smaller numbers in almost all other localities.

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Our specialist recruiters can match your qualifications and experience to quantity surveyor vacancies that will provide you with the job satisfaction you so crave. We offer a wide range of attractive permanent, part-time and contract employment openings that will grant you the chance to put your construction technology and cost planning skills into practice.

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