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Are you looking for highway design engineer jobs? Do you want to use a trustworthy and professional recruitment firm that sees people as more than just numbers? Then Fusion People are just what you are searching for.

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Key Competencies 

Employees within the Highway Design Engineer industry play an important role in designing and planning highways and road developments. They are also involved in the construction and maintenance for bridges, roads and tunnels to make sure they are safe for the public and transport.


This job requires at least 5 years' experience in highway design as well as an outstanding knowledge and understanding of urban design specifications. A civil engineering qualification is also required and you must have previous experience using computer aided design software (CAD). 

To succeed, you are also required to work well in a team and have excellent proactive skills when handling any kind of project. You must also have great industry knowledge.. 

How much do Highway Design Engineers get paid?


On an average scale, Design Engineers earn £30,000 per year depending on experience and position within the field. 

Where can I find Highway Design Engineer jobs?

We have individual specialist divisions who draw on a wealth of industry knowledge, combined with an excellent understanding of exactly what potential employers and employees want. We also have a global reach, which means we can offer a wide range of opportunities. So if you are looking to pursue a career in highway design and engineering then by coming to us you know you are in good hands.

Why choose Fusion People?

In our view the right people make a real difference. But the only way to find the right people is to understand them. That’s why we take a personal approach. We want to get to know our clients. If you come to us then we will use our transport industry knowledge and skills to put you on the right path. We have a proven track record, with over 100 years of combined experience. We intend to continue driving forward and we want you to join us. So when looking for highway design engineer vacancies your first stop should be Fusion People.