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To be able to sell a house you need to be outgoing and comfortable in a customer facing role.
Sales Negotiators

What does a New Home Sales Negotiator do?

New Home Sales Negotiators are expected to help with negotiating sale prices of new build houses with customers and help with the sale process from acquisition through to completion.

Their responsibility is to identify and maximise all new home sales opportunities and work to ensure targets are met.  As well as finalising sales of new build houses, their duties also include managing the sales database, generate potential sales leads, ensure a smooth journey for customers and general sales administration

Key Competencies

Unless you’re applying for a trainee sales negotiator position, previous sales experience as an estate agent can help. As this is a sales role, having the right personality is key. Being able to communicate effectively and clearly with customers is something most of our clients are after.


To become a Sales Negotiator, you can either start off as a trainee or apprentices, or you can start your career as an estate agent and progressing into a sales negotiator role for a new build development.

How much do Sales Negotiators get paid?

EstimatorsAccording to our most recent research of Sales Negotiators in the UK, the current average salary is £29,505 (ranging from trainees to manager’s salaries).

As you would expect, salaries in London are much higher than elsewhere in the UK due to the cost of living being higher. On average, sales negotiators in London get paid a total of 36% more than other areas in the UK.

Assistant / Trainee Sales Negotiators general start with little to no experience which means their salaries start off relatively low at around £18k per annum. Sales Negotiators with a little more experience can expect around £27,612 and Sales Managers can achieve on average around £41,935.




Where can I find Sales Negotiator Jobs?

Sales Negotiators is a national job; it can be done anywhere where they are building new houses. The Government has proposed to build 300,000 homes a year across the UK, which means that there is and will continue to be a high demand for Sales Negotiator to help with the sale of these new builds.

Why choose Fusion People?

Here at Fusion People, we have a dedicated team of Sales recruitment experts who are excellently placed to help you through the application process and answer any questions so that you can find the job best suited to your individual skills.

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