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Mechanical design engineers, often referred to as mechanical drafters, are heavily involved in the maintenance of new and existing buildings. Design engineers play a crucial role in terms of creating and designing devices and equipment, whilst occasionally working alongside specialists to enhance or create manufacturing systems or processes.
Mechanical Design Engineer

Key Competencies 

You will be required to have sufficient knowledge of a variety of different building apparatus such as heating, lighting, ventilation and air-conditioning. Position duties will vary on a daily basis, but many mechanical design engineers will narrow their focus to become specialists in a select few areas such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or public health.


Environmental sustainability has become a critical part of a mechanical design engineer’s job; this includes researching new practices and policies which buildings must comply to. Other research could be conducted to discover tools which will improve project productivity or building efficiency. It is essential to have knowledge of public health requirements such as health and sanitation, fire protection and safety systems. Having excellent organisational and communication skills is beneficial for this role as you will be expected to liaise with a wide range of governing bodies and individuals and even manage other members of staff.

How much does a Mechanical Design Engineer get paid?

Mechanical Design Engineer

Having recently carried out a survey based on the UK Mechanical Design Industry, our findings suggest that Design engineers get paid an average of £36,578 per annum. This does include a range of entry level roles and senior roles not designated as Contracts Manager or Project Manager level.

Where can I find Mechanical Design Engineer jobs?

As most Site Managers will work on projects with a finite lifespan, the role will inevitably mean working in different locations, often determined by the company order book. For example, a Midlands based role might involve working in Oxford, then transferring to Nottingham and then on to Wolverhampton, so a degree of flexibility is required.

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