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Health and Safety Advisor Jobs

Are you the next Health and Safety Adviser for the household names and FTSE 100 Companies that come to Fusion People every day?

Health and Safety at work has become increasingly critical, with ever-tightening regulations and harsh penalties awaiting transgressions. So it pays to have the best Health and Safety Advisers on board, and they come to Fusion People.

Health and Safety Advisors

Key Competencies

Also known as practitioners, a health and safety advisors main responsibility is to ensure that every workplace is secure and protected. Their duty is to promote a positive culture by making sure all members of staff are aware of the health and safety regulations that surround the workplace. They plan, monitor, review and prevent accidents from happening and repeatedly make improvements to the place of work. Key responsibilities include carrying out frequent risk assessments and site inspections, preparing safety strategies, reducing potential hazards, recording incidents and planning safety improvements.


Those wanting a career in the health and safety industry are required to have work experience behind them as it determines whether you are able to fulfil the responsibilities that are required as well as finding out whether you like the job or not. The final qualification you are expected to have is a NVQ certificate or a diploma.

How much does a Health and Safety Advisor get paid?

Health and Safety Advisors

Based on our most recent survey that was carried out in June 2018, on average, Health and Safety Advisors earn £32,000 each year. Salaries increase after experienced in gained and can earn up to £70,000.

Where can I find Health and Safety Advisor jobs?

Why choose Fusion People?

We scour the country for the very finest candidates and, as a result, carry the best Health and Safety Advisor jobs as we can be relied upon to find the right person for the right Health and Safety vacancy. We are constantly recruiting to find the rising stars, too, so if you think you fit the bill then register your details online today. Alternatively you can find a range of Health and Safety Advisor vacancies below.