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Health and Safety Consultants Jobs

Health and Safety Consultants are an essential part of the modern business landscape.

Health and Safety Consultants are an essential part of the modern business landscape and thanks to their increasing importance in the workplace; the best Health and Safety Consultants are in demand.

Health and Safety Consultants

Key Competencies 

Working as a health and safety consultant requires a lot of responsibility in terms of providing construction workers professional health and safety advice. They also have the authority to train other employees such as safety officers with information regarding other areas and positions and to encourage them to promote health and safety regulations with other employees. 


If you are considering a health and safety career path it is important that you understand the requirements to become a qualified safety consultant. There are four different types of consultant roles therefore it is important you understand what is expected to certify. With any health and safety consultant job, it is compulsory that you have at least a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical, Electrical, Industrial, Industrial Management or Safety and Civil Engineering. To progress, extra courses are available to take online which are provided by the health and safety's virtual university.

How much does a Health and Safety Consultant get paid?

Health and Safety Consultants

Your yearly salary depends of your level of experience. However, on an average basis health and safety consultants earn around £37,000 per annum depending on your level of expertise. 

Where can I find Health and Safety Consultant jobs?

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