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Human Resources oversee all of the above whilst complying with local employment laws.

Key Competencies

Companies grow, more staff are taken on and each department gets a manager to make sure that their team is working as they should be in their area of focus. But who manages the people? Who selects who is in their workforce? Who rewards, trains and assesses employees? This is where Human Resource Management comes in, they oversee all of the above whilst complying with local employment laws. Some of the roles you can expect to be involved in when working in Human Resource Management are:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Talen Management/Scouting
  • Succession Planning
  • Industrial Relations (Trade Unions
  • Diversity & Inclusion


HR Management jobs do not require a certain level of degree or qualififcation. The only experience you are expected to have is knowledge within the human resources department and previous management experience will be beneficial.  Daily responsibilities include supervising and managaing employees from all departments and sectors. They are also in charge of recruiting, interviewing and training new employees and can sometimes take charge with payroll, employee training and relations. 

How much does HR management get paid?


Based on our most up to date survey, HR managers get paid, on average £38,000 per year. 

Where would I find HR Management jobs?

Why choose Fusion People?

The main focus of HR today is retaining the knowledge in the company. This can be done through rewards such as benefit packages and training and development and all help to retain staff. For more information and access to the latest Human Resource Management Jobs contact Fusion People today.