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Gateline Assistants are there to provide advice and guidance for all train platform passengers to ensure a safe and stress-free journey.

Gateline Assistant 

Gateline Assistants/Security generally assistant the gates at train stations, checking rail tickets and dealing with any passenger queries. Their main duty is to ensure the safety of all passengers and that they get to their destination without any issues.

Gateline Assistants

Key Competencies

Gateline Assistants have the responsibility of advising passengers of any disruptions and have good knowledge of penalty fare rules, railway bylaws and National rail conditions & with revenue protection standards and policy, ensuring compliance with revenue protection handbook.



Gateline Assistants have to have strong customer service skills, be a naturally calm individual who will proactively seek to help passengers through clear communication.

It’s preferred if candidates have either previous experience in a similar role or in a customer focused role.


How much does a Gateline Assistant get paid? 

Gateline Assistants Salaries

On average, Gateline Assistants wage doesn’t vary too much between locations. London and the South East are unsurprisingly the areas that pay the best (due to the cost of living). Outside of the London and the South East, the wages are similar. 

Gateline Assistants Average SalaryIn terms of career progression, the next step up would be to become a general supervisor or management position, managing the other Gateline Assistants and dealing with all queries. Gateline Assistants can also look at becoming Train Conductors, giving more responsibility to keep train passengers safe.


Where can I find a Gateline Assistant job?

A majority of larger train stations across the UK require Gateline Assistants so regardless of where you are, the job shouldn’t be too far away.


Why choose Fusion People?

Our specialist recruiters can help you with taking your first step into the Recruitment Industry. We offer a full 5 day intensive training course which will give you the skills to work as a Gate Line Security Assistant. Your Recruiter will be there to provide you with help and support throughout the duration of your contract.

If this is something you are interested in, get in touch today by calling 020 7653 1070.

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