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Carpenter Jobs

Construction Carpenters are among

Labourers play a key role on site from the very start of a project, initially putting up huts and moving materials. Once the site is underway, work can be general but may include specific areas like groundworking, formworking, steelfixing and piling concreting and road working.


Key Competencies

Whilst there are no academic requirements for labouring, it is demanding physical work and Labourers need to be fit enough to undertake it. Adherence to health and safety practices is vital as well as being comfortable to work at height.


Labouring is an entry level role but is often used as a stepping stone to move into more skilled roles. Common pathways include gaining qualifications to operate plant and machinery, learning a trade or moving into supervision and management. 

How much does an Labourer get paid?

According to our most recent survey of construction Labourers in the UK, salaries range from £15k up to £27k, dependent on location and experience. The project-led nature of construction means there is a strong contractor market for labouring work and salaries range from minimum wage up to £10.50 per hour.

The same forces controlling the rates for skilled and technical construction staff are also pushing labourer rates upwards year-on-year. One striking aspect of our survey was the smaller relative gap between London and the rest of the UK, with these indicators and some anecdotal evidence from our clients that supply of labour in the capital is much greater than some other areas of the country.

Labourer Rates

Like most of the job titles in the industry, last saw a reasonable year-on-year increase for Labourers in most locations. Despite the economy and construction order books looking healthy for the year ahead, the longer term picture is clouded by the impact of Britain's exit from the European Union. The market for unskilled and semi-skilled trades is heavily intertwined with availability of labour from the European Union and, at the point of writing, it is unclear how this will impact the  construction industry as a whole.

Where can I find Labourer jobs?

There are opportunities for Labourers where ever you find building sites; which is most places. 

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