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Electrician Jobs

There are opportunities all around the world for experienced electrician work which means your career can take you anywhere you want.

Electricians work in range of areas, from bringing power to people's homes to big engineering projects. They may also work with renewable technology, like wind turbines, 'smart' heating systems and solar power. 


Key Competencies

Electricans need strong practical, planning and organisational skills. They also need developed problem-solving skills to enable them to follow complex technical drawings, building plans and wiring diagrams. As with all roles in the construction industry, the ability to work carefully, methodically and safely is paramount.


The most common pathway to becoming an Electrician is through an apprenticeship. Most will complete their level 3 qualification "on-the-job" as part of the apprenticeship.

How much does an Electrician get paid?


Starting salaries for Electricians tend to fall just under or over £20k per annum, depending on the location, and between £26k and £37k for those with experience. For Electricians with specific experience and those working in niche areas salaries can reach £40k and above.

There is also a well established freelance market. Rates are influenced by location and contract duration but our most recent survey showed average rates ranging between £16 and £24 per hour.

Where can I find Electrician jobs?

Electricians can be found in almost any location. Although certain niche induistries can be concentrated in certain locations (Oil & Gas or heavy industry for example) domestic work can be found where ever people are situated. For other types of work (like power generation and renewable energy), work is often where people aren't situated. Of course, the larger cities provide the broadest range of roles.

Why Choose Fusion People

You can find the best electrician jobs from Fusion People at any time. We focus on the buidling services and maintenance sectors giving us an unrivalled knowledge and understanding of our clients and the electrician roles they have available to ensure you are matched with the best opportunities.

With options to work in the commercial and residential sectors, you can specialise further by choosing to work mainly on the installation of systems, the maintenance of electrical systems or the production of specialist systems for specific sectors and purposes.

With a range of permanent and contract roles available, you will be able to find the best opportunity to suit your situation. Electrician work covers a variety of specialisms and contract work can offer the chance to specialise in an area that interests you the most and builds experience quickly, making you valuable to employers for that skill. You run the risk of periods of unemployment by choosing contract work over permanent electrician jobs.

As specialists in job recruitment, Fusion People have only the best electrician jobs available.

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