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Painter and Decorator Jobs

Painting jobs can be found anywhere and with enough experience and skill, bigger projects will keep coming.

Painter and decorator jobs are very popular for those who enjoy practical work with a creative element, and Fusion People have a great range of painter jobs and decorator jobs available as permanent and contract roles to suit any situation you may be in.


Key Competencies

Painter and Decorators are responsible for the internal and external apperance of public sector buildings. They are also responsible for it's protection against water, rust, insects and mould.


You will be covering surfaces and walls to a client’s specification in a this type of role. The job is very practical but with a good element to be creative within the brief. Tasks include measuring surfaces and walls to work out how much paint is needed, stripping wallpaper, filling holes and cracks, preparing surfaces, mixing paint, applying paint and wallpaper as well as tidying up after completing a job.

There can be a lot of travelling involved in painting and decorating jobs, as the work can come from all locations. You will also need to be able to transport the necessary supplies easily to each project. While most of the work will be Monday to Friday, there will be extended periods of working to meet deadlines and some projects may require you to work weekends depending on what the project is. Painting jobs can be found anywhere and with enough experience and skill, bigger projects will keep coming.

How much does a Painter and Decorator get paid?

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A painter and decorator earns around £22,000 per year according to our most recent survey. The job revolves around travelling to and from customer homes. Salary depends on experience and whether you are self employed.

Where can I find Painter and Decorator jobs?

Painter and Decorator jobs are always avaliable. You will find vacancies on most recruitment websites including job boards and shop windows.

Why choose Fusion People?

You have the option to specialise in painting or decorating, as well as roles that involve both. This gives you freedom to develop your career how you want. We focus on people and personalities at Fusion People, to ensure any job you get is the best match and suits you and your employer in the long-term. We have a huge range of painter and decorator jobs available at Fusion People.