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3 Useful tips to sustain an environmentally friendly office

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To protect the future of our planet and the environment, it’s important that we take an eco-friendly approach not only at home, but also in the workplace.

Contributing towards sustainability when working in an office isn’t difficult, and there are many things you can do as a business to reduce your carbon footprint.

1) Recycling
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Reducing office waste and encouraging staff to recycle is one of the most effective ways of going green and it’s a contribution that is free to city residents. Did you know, every tonne of recycled paper can save 17 trees and 26,500 litres of water?

  • make sure your office has at least one recycling bin
  • recycling bins are near each photocopier and printer
  •  separate your general waste and recycling bins  

2) Electricity

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Switch off all unnecessary lights and equipment when they are not needed as this will save money and reduce energy consumption. Did you know, 15% of your yearly office bills is spent on lighting and half of the UK offices leave their lights on overnight and at weekends.

  • reduce the brightness of your monitors
  • close down applications and programmes that aren't being used to increase speed and reduce power
  • switch all devices off outside normal working hours
  • swap to Wyse boxes to reduce electronic waste

3) Travel

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Encourage staff to consider walking or cycling to work. This will not only reduce harmful carbon emissions but will also enhance energy, productivity and fitness. Did you know, cycling to work could save you £3,000 every year.

Following these simple, cost-effective tips will make huge impacts to your business and the environment. Being a company that is forward thinking and innovative will also gain employee traction, bringing people to your office with a similar environmental outlook and although sustainability doesn’t happen overnight, the future benefits are totally worth the change, as a green office means happy staff and a eco-friendly workplace.

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