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3 Ways To Achieve Success in 2013

Ask most people in the industry and they will tell you the past 5 years have been a real challenge for everyone involved in the job market. For jobseekers, employers and recruiters, everyone has had to adapt to survive, and for those that have done so most successfully, 2013 is the time to flourish.

As the leader of one of the UK's fastest growing recruitment businesses, I've identified 3 elements that are propelling the smartest jobseekers, employers and recruiters forward.


It isn't a secret what the latest trends in technology are - smart phones, tablets and the latest development technology all provide opportunities; but the key is how to adopt them. For jobseekers, the adoption of smart phones and tablets provides the ultimate tool for jobseeking on the move - all the major job boards and agencies have Apps which enable you to keep up to date with the latest opportunities. Some of the most successful employers we work with have adopted the same approach - for businesses looking to tap into the passive jobeeking pool, Apps are a crucial tool. For agencies like Fusion People, Apps have become central for reasons I've just outlined and because it allows us to have an ongoing relationship with our candidates - the very best recruiters form long-term relationships with their candidates, often guiding them through their career. In days gone by, they were the go-to number in the jobseekers phone book - now it is the go-to App on their mobile device.


Like Technology, I'm not breaking any new ground by stating that social media has become a key element in the job market. The differentiator here is how you use it - the most successful jobseekers, employers and recruiters are prosperous because they are proactive on social media. For jobseekers, that means it isn't enough to just have a basic profile on Linkedin - jobseekers need to be building a large network including recruiters and end user employers, and sharing status updates. Employers and agencies need to avoid the trap in thinking that social is a magic pill - again proactivity needs to be at the core but social should be seen as a device, a way of interacting with the target audience.


The final element is an old fashioned one but one I think is the final reason why some people are flourishing right now. For jobseekers, employers and recruiters alike it is about accepting that things are different now and that recession or boom, things are not going to return to the way they were in the past. For jobseekers that means using the latest technology, managing their online profile and proactively identifying the recruiters they want to work with and employers they'd like to work for. Employers need to utilise technology and social media, as well as working with their agency partners on a longer term basis to generate a pool of talent that can be dipped into when required. For recruiters, all the above applies but the best recruiters in my business are the ones who haven't forgotten that this business is all about people - going back to basics and concentrating on the long term.

About the Author: Paul Metcalfe is the Group Managing Director for the Fusion People group of companies . You can find out more on Paul's Linkedin or Google+ profile.

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