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Advice For Graduates Wanting A Career In Construction...

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Advice For Graduates Wanting A Career In Construction...

We all know how difficult it can be trying to get a job, let alone the one we dream about. With the employment industry becoming more competitive than ever, most companies now require a certain level of qualification for you to become employable. Whether that be a GCSE, diploma or degree, the requirements are becoming a lot more specific in terms of each individual job role.

If you’re looking for a career in construction but unsure where to start or how to get there, look no further. Here are the latest tips guaranteed to help you get on the right path as a construction employee.

1)  The first and foremost requirement is to make sure you are studying a course that’s relevant to the job you want. For instance, if you are looking to become an experienced electrician you are required to have an electro technical qualification therefore it is imperative that you do your research prior to applying. This is becausePart-time and full-time courses are available at college institutes that cater for the construction employment so keep your eyes open for the ones available.

2) Consider undertaking work experience, interns or apprenticeships to boost your own experience and gain extensive industry knowledge. Employers favor applicants who are dedicated to improving their own experience by going out of their way and improving their capability. Most apprenticeships and work experience placements are voluntary therefore don’t always expect to get paid.

3) Another major requirement, especially within the construction industry is a driving license. With the opportunity to travel, you are constantly on the go, travelling to and from sites which means you will be required to regularly drive company vehicles. Holding a full UK driving license is significant.

4) You must be able to demonstrate that you are capable of working part as a team as your job will be focused largely around group work. You must also be able to work at a fast paced environment and to strict deadlines. Demonstrating these skills with past experiences in an interview is a good selling point so it is also good to think of previous examples that you can use in your interview. 

If you require further advice about getting into the construction industry, please contact our consultants. 

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