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Big Energy Saving Week 2020 - Ways to Save

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In the last few years, climate change has sat at the forefront of the media. Recent extreme weather conditions have been rooted back to global warming by a number of experts, meaning that our responsibility to look after the planet is more important now than it has ever been.

It is no secret that across the globe there is and has been several campaigns and protests in response to climate change, and the growing percentage of the global population are actively making lifestyle changes to benefit the Earth. This week it is Big Energy Saving Week – a UK-based campaign ran by Citizens Advice. The campaign’s objective is to encourage households to save on their energy usage, and as a result - in their pockets.

Fusion People are getting involved in what we think is a constructive and valuable campaign, and we advise you to join in! We have rounded up a list of ‘ways to save’ to help those who want to participate, by making small lifestyle changes which can save you money, all whilst helping the environment- it’s a win-win.


1.Turning Appliances off Standby Mode

A simple but effective change – turning off the plug socket switch can save you around £30 a year. Appliances still use a significant amount of energy when in standby mode. This includes leaving chargers plugged in when they’re not in use.


2.Switching to a Smart Meter

Energy suppliers are on a mission to gradually install Smart meters into households throughout the UK, eventually replacing original electric meters. Smart meters are designed to keep an accurate record of energy usage – which can encourage households to be more cautious about it and cut down. A smart meter also promotes accuracy of your energy bills direct to the supplier, which can prevent increased direct debits.


3.Water Efficient Showerhead

Replacing an inefficient showerhead with a water-efficient one can save water usage as well as gas/electric. A household of four could be around £185 better off over the course of a year.


4.Replace Your Lightbulbs

If you replace your standard bulbs with energy-efficient LEDs, it can have a notable impact on your electricity bill – saving around £35 a year.


5.Saving on Heating

Turning down your thermostat by 1 degree can save you around 10% on your energy bill! However, make sure that your home stays warm enough throughout the winter months. Draught-proofing your windows and doors, as well as blocking any cracks in skirting boards and floors can save you money on your bills.


Read more about energy saving here:

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