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Christmas Presence - Keeping Employees Motivated Throughout the Festive Season

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As the year comes to a close, the out-of-office replies begin to fill your inbox and you can’t ignore the overwhelming sense of delight for everyone that’s off enjoying annual leave whilst you’re scraping ice off of your windscreen in the dark.  

As the population of the workplace begins to decline, maintaining your focus on work-related tasks can be difficult for everyone. Some element of Christmas distraction is of course expected, but some of the most significant business arises in December and the workload can be at its heaviest. Some workplaces will argue that December is overall their busiest time which unfortunately means that attendance and contribution is needed more than ever, just to keep the company flowing.

It may not shock you to find out that your employees may need a little motivation around December time, so we have a prepared a list of ideas which we think work really well when it comes to pushing that end-of-year drive.


1.Goals, Goals, Goals!

Having direct focus can streamline the energy into something worthwhile. Setting new goals for the coming year, reflecting on the year’s achievements so far and simply saying “thank you” will kick-start a proactive momentum. Recognition for existing accomplishments will deepen the well-deserved sense of achievement- start as you mean to go on!


2.Charity Involvement

Prosperity is especially high around Christmas, and so is the opportunity to give back- thanks to a number of fantastic charities that thrive around this period. Fundraising and donating as a team can create such a positive atmosphere in the workplace, and tie in with the festive spirit.


3.Christmas Party

The standard team celebration for most workplaces is a Christmas party. The main point of a Christmas party is to give back to your staff and essentially thank them for all of their hard-work committed in the last year. It removes the dissociation with work over the Christmas period but instead generates more employee energy, teamwork and conversation.


4.Workplace Christmas Traditions

Participating in things like Secret Santa and Christmas Jumper Day always install an element of fun and remove some of the December/work resentment and the feeling of Christmas FOMO!



Buffets, chocolates, cakes! Need I say more?


6.End of Year Awards

The end of the last quarter is a perfect time to present some awards, such as ‘Employee of the Year’ or similar. Awards can work well as incentives and create some good old-fashioned competitiveness!


7.Gift Incentives

Incentives work especially well in a sales or target-driven environment and usually are common all year round for certain job roles. Christmas is the time when people will most likely appreciate vouchers and gifts as there is so much focus on giving and receiving! People also find themselves slightly short for cash around this time so it’s definitely a bonus!

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