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Construction - The Industry Boom of 2014

It has been said by many that the construction industry is responsible for much of the economic growth that’s occurred during 2014, and it currently accounts for 6% of the UK’s economy (as of 6th November 2014).

There was a recent slump however, within residential and commercial builds, part of which is said to be a result of tighter restrictions for both lenders and borrowers, for example the emergence of the mortgage affordability checks.

It is no surprise, therefore, that the recruitment within the sector has risen in line with economy and the upturn specifically within the construction sector. Although figures have not yet been calculated for 2014, judging by statistics released in December 2013, by the Office of National Statistics, show there were 56,000 more people working in the construction industry than the previous year.

The breakdown of that 56,000 was interestingly 31,000 more women and also 24,000 more men. It will be interesting to see how 2014’s results compare as the majority of the influx in the sector has come from housing builds and actual people on site, after the demand for ‘help to buy’ and similar schemes.

However, a prediction for the approaching release of the annual data gathered is that companies will have been rebuilding their marketing and admin departments which may alter the gender split from 2013 even further.

Also included under the umbrella of construction is infrastructure, which took a further positive turn throughout the year (and past few years) with the government investing an average of £45 billion between 2011-2013 (as reported within the National Infrastructure Plan 2013 by HM Treasury). This is visible within ongoing transport improvements spanning rail, roads and trams.

Reflecting on the past year from within all strands of the construction sector, there is plenty to be proud of and current industry papers and news articles indicate this positivity is set to continue into the next quarter and the New Year.

If you’re reading this thinking 2015 could be the year you make a change in career, graduate or maybe predict a promotion, then construction should definitely be an area you consider. If unsure, do check out our recent infographic here showing key transferable skills that you might already have!

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