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Could Smartphones be the future of Recruitment?

Recent figures show that over half of the UK population now owns a smartphone, and it is predicted that by 2013 more people will use smartphones than desktop PCs. With greater functionality than ever before it is a natural progression for job seekers to use their mobiles to find their next job, as many recruitment companies have realised the benefits of launching their own mobile apps.

A mobile job app allows Recruiters to tap into a market of passive candidates who are less proactive about job seeking than those who usually apply for jobs online. These are candidates who will casually browse the app in front of the TV or on the train, rather than setting aside time on the computer for job searching. Push notifications for new vacancies can be sent out when the app is not in use, so even when suitable candidates are not actively looking for a job, they will be more likely to hear about a vacancy and apply for it, leading to a higher rate of applications.

The Fusion People mobile app, released today will continue to place the group within the leaders of recruitment innovation. The app will include a number of bespoke features including custom vacancies searching, personal profiles for notifications of relevant vacancies and the ability to apply for each position from within the app as well as news and industry updates from Fusion People.

The nature of the recruitment industry will always require interaction over the phone and face-to-face, as these are essential in determining how well a candidate can communicate with others and how they present themselves; but it is suggested that the introduction of mobile apps means job postings will be viewed by a wider audience, leading to a rise in overall applications and a larger pool of potential candidates to choose from. While smartphones are at no risk of replacing more traditional modes of communication, they do provide another means of hearing about the newest vacancies, and this is a great thing for candidates, employers and recruiters.

About the Author: Neil Wilkie is the Group Marketing and Communications Manager for the Fusion People group of companies . You can find out more on Neil's Linkedin or Google+ profile.

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