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Halloween Recruitment Round-Up 2019

Halloween recruitment


We have now reached the end of October which means two things; firstly the height of autumn is upon us so leaving work in the dark is the current reality, and secondly and most importantly, it’s Halloween. The spooky holiday means that we can temporarily escape the horrors that MAY arise whilst working in the recruitment world and focus on something that’s a bit more…well, scary.

To lighten the spooky spirit of this gloomy month, Fusion People have conducted a strict and detailed recruitment process to find you the best Halloween posts from within industry. Our team has resourced and screened to present to you our favourite funny posts. In no particular order…


1. What 5 Horror Movies Can Teach You About Hiring This Halloween

If there’s anything that you didn’t expect to read today then its’ drawing recruitment parallels with 1980’s horror movie The Shining, as well as a whole collective of other teachings in the form of scary flicks. It also uses American Psycho (2000) as one of its examples and essentially encourages recruiters to not to be too hasty with selecting candidates, there is usually more to them than meets the eye.



2. 13 Halloween Recruitment Horrors

Someone, somehow has managed to structure a full list of 13 ‘unideal scenarios’ that you may be faced with as a recruitment consultant. Who knew there could be that many ‘challenges’ in the role? When reading this recruiters may be able to recall when a few of the items have happened to them in the past – or today.


3. The Seven Scariest Recruiting Stories We Ever Heard

Every day in recruitment is completely different, which sometimes means facing something astounding and unexpected. Colleagues brief you with their most shocking experiences whilst working in the industry. This can give the false impression that you’ve heard it all, until you hear more…


4. Recruiting Nightmares You Just Can’t Make Up

And more.


5. 4 Things Recruiters Can Learn from Horror Movies

Apparently (and slightly worryingly), there are a lot of lessons that can be learnt from a horror movie and applied to a career in recruitment. Just like the first in the list this blog post trivially alerts consultants what to watch out for in the job role, however not as unsettling as the first post. This one has taken a bit more of a vague approach with a few clever clichés.


6.­ The 6 Scariest Job Postings I’ve Ever Read

Being entirely put off of a role because of a frightening job advert is a scenario that everybody can relate to. Whether that be a whole list of necessary qualifications and skilled requirements for a shocking salary which is inaccurately at the low end of the scale, or for a position that requires you to send a cover letter, a backlog of ancestry history, a sample of DNA and a 300-page novel along with your CV in your application. Here are some that are just outright creepy, who approved them?!

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