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How to get into the Construction industry

How to get into the Construction industry

The Construction Industry is growing. Despite political uncertainty, more and more construction projects are getting the go-ahead, creating a high demand for skilled workers. It is predicted that there will be over 179,000 jobs created over the next 5 years. Particularly in Infrastructure which is to grow by 5.4%.

There are many benefits to working in the construction industry – you can read more about that here. To work within the construction industry, you need certain certificates and qualifications. Here are the many ways you can achieve these skills and enter the world of construction!

Why not try an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are for everyone! Even those over the age of 24. However, the funding is a little different. For those aged between 16-18, the government will pay the full cost of the training. If you’re over 19 then your employer will be expected to pay for part of training. If you’re 24 or over and want to do an apprenticeship, your employer may pay for your training or you may be eligible for an Advanced Learning Loan

Apprentices do a mixture of hand on work experience as well as theory written assignments which include attending college/training sessions whilst still getting paid. 
According to CAdvantage, construction apprenticeships are up 12% across Britain, with the government pledging to deliver over 80,000 apprenticeships by 2020. Now is the best time to look for a new position as the market is thriving!

Or you could go to University / College?

Although university and college fees are expensive, they can also really help with getting you a job within the construction industry. And it pays well (read our salary survey here). College is good for the more hands-on roles, such as labouring, carpentry, bricklaying, Electrical and Plumbing. Whereas University can get you into a managerial role. Such as Site Manager, Project Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Building Surveyor and Surveying Technician.

Most companies offer graduate schemes with an average starting rate of £25k per annum, with a great pension scheme and other added benefits. Most colleges and Universities offer courses within construction. You can also consider evening courses or the Open University if you already work full time.

Join as a trainee!

Some companies now offer their own trainee schemes. They provide on the job training for people with little or no experience. The average wage for a trainee with no experience is lower than those who have experience. But it gets your foot in the door! Trainees can expect to earn between £16-17k depending on location and experience.


Work your way up

You’ve found that perfect trainee role but you don’t have any construction experience? One of the most common cases for people to work their way into a more senior role is to start at the bottom. Doing general site work such as labouring gives you a strong understanding of what goes on site and how they manage it. As long as you have a CSCS card or anything similar it'll make finding work within construction much easier.
If you need further advice on entering the construction industry, then please contact our consultants 

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