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How to have a job-magnet digital presence

Crafting the best version of your CV and handing it out to multiple recruitment agencies isn’t the only way you can get yourself noticed within the employment industry.

Searching for a new career doesn’t have to be a long winded process. Recruitment agencies use online presences to help identify candidates, without you having to lift a finger.

How you apply for a job can depend on the nature of your industry, but whatever area you work in, an online presence will help you discover more potential roles.

According to TopResume, 73 percent of companies have used social media to successfully recruit and hire a candidate. To ensure that you stand the very best chance of getting noticed by a recruiter, you need to make yourself digitally available so recruiters can easily find you online.  

Here’s how.

1. Connect with LinkedIn

LinkedIn is for anybody and everybody, whether you are looking for work, thinking about expanding your current team or you’re seeking industry advice, it’s a platform you need to familiarise yourself with if you want to accelerate your career.

The online resume that summarises your work history, interests and previous work for future employees to see is an essential tool for helping recruiters discover you online. It means that anyone with your next potential role can see your CV, work out if you might be a good fit, and get in touch instantly.

You can get messages about potential new roles at any time, so make sure you keep your profile up to date to hear about the most relevant vacancies.

2. Use Twitter for business  

Twitter, at its core, is a platform that helps you connect with things you care about. That can include your career. By following companies you aspire to work with or in the same area as, you publicly declare your interest and become a more natural choice for recruiters looking online for candidates.

Once you’ve started following companies that interest you and businesses you’d like a future career with, start interacting with their posts by replying to tweets, liking their photos and sharing their thoughts. That way, your name will become recognisable to current employees and they will become aware of your interest in the industry.

3. Testimonials

Another great way to get your name out there and to prove to potential employers that you are good at what you do is to speak to your previous or current employer and ask them to write you a small testimonial.

You can post this testimonial on your personal website or LinkedIn profile, helping you build your online portfolio. It will also help your name appear more frequently on Google for searches related to jobs you may be interested in.

4. Stay business connected

Become part of trade organisations by signing up and registering to sites that are relevant to your industry. For example, those of you looking to pursue a career in the Built Environment may have an account with the Chartered Institute of Building, an influential body for careers within construction.

Opening up your online portfolio and becoming digitally active across social media will increase your chances of getting noticed by recruiters. When you’ve got a great online presence, it’s not a case of finding your dream role, but your dream role finding you.

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