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How to Keep Your Spot on a Recruitment Agency's Nice List

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The festive season is finally upon us which, for some, means an abundance of annual leave and family time! Others may find that they like to keep their fingers in the (mince) pie, and those who spend time at work throughout December will be notified of Christmas by the welcoming of some very dated decorations up-around the office, which “don’t actually look too bad once you’ve wiped the dust off”. Team a lifetime supply of chocolate treats and an awkwardly anticipated ‘Secret Santa’ with the 90’s style décor and you’ve got the perfect workplace Christmas.

As jolly as this sounds, there are plenty of other industries that aren’t enjoying the festivities in the same way- such as those who work outside, on site, or somewhere different each day. Temporary work is increasingly popular, especially over Christmas time. Recruitment agencies can offer expertise and provide a well-oiled platform to generate opportunities to keep you busy and help you gather your pennies to overcome what can be the most expensive time of year.

If you have worked through agencies previously, or you’re a long-standing candidate then securing and keeping your place on the ‘Nice List’ this Christmas won’t be difficult. But for someone who has recently decided to opt for the agency route of temporary employment then some tips may be handy to ensure that you stay in the good books – after all, nobody wants coal for Christmas!


Tip 1: Timesheet efficiency 

Most agencies will require workers to record their hours worked via weekly timesheets. As a candidate, it is your duty to ensure your timesheet is filled in and received by the agency, even if sometimes it seems unnecessary to do so. A timesheet can be vital for the payroll and accounts department of the business, to be able to pay you correctly as well as being used as a cross-reference for the hours worked.

Tip 2: Pick-up shifts

If you are reliant on shift-work then you will probably have a preference as to specific times and days that you work. Of course your agency will do their best to accommodate to you, and help you out as much as they can, but sometimes your consultant may need help too – and agreeing to work a shift that isn’t your favourite won’t go unnoticed!

Tip 3: Communicate regularly with your consultant

Taking days to respond to emails or return missed calls is an easy way to earn a spot on the naughty list. Of course we understand that you could be busy, but you could also miss out on future opportunities so return those messages ASAP!

Tip 4: Just because you’re working elsewhere- the agency is still your employer

Although you may be working for a client, the agency is still your sole employer. Things like days off and sickness is still required to go through your consultant, even if agreed with your work placement. The agency process your wages – so they need to know circumstances to organise benefits like holiday pay.

Tip 5: Plan your availability accordingly, and commit to your work

Each agency and company will have different terms for annual leave and notice periods. You will more than likely be expected to commit to your agreed hours and days – apart from unforeseen circumstances of course. Respect obviously goes both ways and your out-of-work commitments will be appreciated.

Tip 6: Represent yourself and the agency well – be professional

It sounds a bit cliché, but staying professional during work goes a long way. Good feedback to the agency will get you more brilliant work placements or the client could request you by name specifically next time they need someone. On some occasions when a candidate does exceedingly well then a permanent position can be offered. You are representing the agency as well as yourself!

Tip 7: Give credit where it’s due and if you like your agency, recommend them to friends

If your agency continuously offers you great employment opportunities and you’re happy with the service, don’t keep it quiet! Friend recommendations can result in some of the best placement fits, so if someone you know is looking for work then be sure to give them the name of the agency you work for. Having more great workers will help the agency thrive and will increase the number of great roles available to you too!

Tip 8: Don’t become a ghost of recruitment past

If you have contacted or registered with an agency to find some temporary work – and then you find a role elsewhere, make sure to let the consultant know. They may be contacting clients to spec you out as a potential candidate, and actively searching for a position for you. They won’t mind if you let them know – but a complete ghosting may secure you a place directly on the naughty list!

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