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With Mental Health week soon approaching, it is important that we remember to look after our own health and wellbeing whilst we are at work. This week our focus is to teach employees how they can stay active within an office based job.

To ensure you squeeze as much activity into your daily office routine whilst making sure you are taking full potential of your breaks, here are a few tips that will help you stay active:

1.  Walk, run or cycle to work

If you can, consider ditching the car and run, walk or cycle to work. This is the perfect way to clear your mind before you start making you feel fresh and energized for the day ahead.

Despite not everyone living close enough to the office to make this an option, there are still other ways you can make it work. Park your car a few kilometers away and walk, catch a train half way and ride the rest or get off the bus a few stops early.

A 30 minute walk or cycle can burn anything between 90 to 200 calories.

2. Take the stairs

At any given opportunity try to use the stairs and not the lift. Once you break the habit of choosing to get in a lift, you wouldn’t think twice about not taking the stairs.The lift should only really be used by individuals that require them. 

3. Get up and move during lunch

If there is any opportunity to get away from your desk, take it. Whether that is 5 minutes or an hour, make sure you take full advantage to get a break from the screen. Having a break during the day is essential for your mental health and mind. Try and consider eating your lunch outside, go for a walk with colleagues, or join the local running or yoga club nearby.

4. Walk about whilst making phone calls/sending emails

Instead of sitting at your desk whilst you talk to an employee in another branch or prehapds a client, why don't you get up and walk around the office. If you use a work phone, send emails on the go whilst moving around. This will also give you a break from the screen and will reduce any distractions.  

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