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How To Stay Calm Before An Interview 
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It's normal to feel nervous before any interview but it’s also important that you know exactly how to control it. Whether you have spent hours rehearsing every possible interview question whilst understanding the company from the back of your hand, you are bound to feel a little bit anxious. Fusionpeople want you to give every interview 110% so here are 10 things you can do to help calm your nerves.

1. Take time out and go for a walk- Getting fresh air is always a good option, whatever the circumstance. Before you head into an interview, consider arriving 15 minutes early so you can go for a walk and collect your thoughts.

2. Create an Interview Cheat Sheet- Prepare for your interview as much as you can but remember to not go overboard with information. Grab a notepad and jot down the crucial information i.e the building address, interviewers name(s), time of interview, questions to ask. Keeping a note of these will be a little reminder before you go in, making you feel confident knowing that you have everything covered.

3. Make plans for after your interview- Having something fun to look forward to after you have been sat talking to a complete stranger for a few hours will get you through the interview.

4. Make sure you have a good breakfast or lunch- Whether your interview is in the morning or afternoon, is it essential that you have a healthy breakfast so that your energy levels remain high throughout the day. If your interview is in the afternoon, make sure you eat something substantial.

5. Speak to someone- Getting advice and support from a relative or friend is always a good option. They help calm your nerves and provide you with the positivity and reassurance that you need.

6. Listen to your favourite song- Before you head into an interview, listening to music helps calm your nerves and pumps you up with energy and excitement.

7. Take a deep breath- Breath in …..and breath out…. Repeat this several times before you head into the interview. This will help to relax your nerves and whilst slowing your heart rate down.

8. Get a good night’s sleep- Sleep is essential the night before an interview so you want to get enough rest as possible. Try to avoid looking over notes an hour before bed otherwise you will overload your mind with information.  

9. Tell yourself you can do it- Talking to yourself in the mirror and giving yourself a prep talk isn’t unusual, it is in fact a normal thing to do. Tell yourself you are smart and experienced and that you are going to smash it, and you will. Say it with confidence.

10. Remind yourself that it’s just a conversation- Remind yourself that you have already succeeded as you’ve made it this far. The interviewer already likes you otherwise they wouldn’t have chosen your CV if they didn’t think you had the right skills and experience for the job. You are just having a conversation about something you enjoy and have experience in so there’s nothing to be scared of. Also, not all of the pressure will be on you and that you have your own questions you need answering so it won’t just be you getting grilled.

Try to enjoy the interview as much as you can and make this a learning experience whatever the outcome may be. 

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