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Inappropriate use of social media

Why social media can make or break your job search



When you’re looking for your next job, creating a perfect CV and covering letter will be top priority, but you need to make sure your social media profiles send the same message as these perfected documents.

Your social channels can be one of the best ways to demonstrate your enthusiasm for your chosen industry and specific role. When used in the right way, these social channels can convince a prospective employer that you’re the person to choose. However this works both ways because an inappropriate photo or ambiguous tweet could jeopardise your chance of being hired.

When optimising your social channels for a prospective employer, there are three things that you should avoid:


Culture fit is an increasingly important part of the recruitment decision, so employers are much less likely to think you’re a good fit for their company if you’re using your social channels to moan and complain. Companies want people that are positive, upbeat and bring fresh ideas rather than someone who is too critical.

This negative element includes any comments about your current or previous employer. Sure, your boss may have been unfair and upset you in the process but social media is not the place to share these thoughts. This is wise because your existing employer could see this as it’s on a public forum and it prevents you from looking bitter or unprofessional with office politics.

2.Be engaging

The aim of social media is to create a conversation, although you can be forgiven for just using it to stalk what your favourite celebrities are up to. If you’re passionate about the industry you’re working in, social media can be a great way to interact with leaders in your field and share your own views on the latest news in your arena. To confirm your genuine interest in your chosen role, employers could look to your social channels to see if you’re creating these conversations.

Always ensure you’ve followed the company you’re applying for and have looked at what they’re doing for inspiration. Make sure you’re thoughtful with what you send out and always proof everything before you hit ‘post’ to save any embarrassment.

3.Make sure everything’s PG13

Ask yourself, would I be ok with my mum seeing this? If the answer is yes then you should be alright, but so many people forget how public social profiles are. Even if your account has privacy settings (which is recommended when searching for a new role) an employer can still see your profile pictures and read more comments than you’d expect.

Remove any images that could be deemed offensive, this can include heavily political images, inappropriate memes or just lots of pictures of you partying and being a bit crazy at the weekend. It seems unfair, but the content you have on your social channels can be the difference between getting a role and just missing out.

When it comes to securing your next role, make sure you check your social profiles before you apply to ensure you have the best chance of getting the position. 

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