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Top Tips to Achieve Happiness at Work

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Taking control of our happiness is more important now than ever. There’s no denying that genuine, legitimate happiness is something that we all strive for, and we all spend a huge portion of our lives at work, so why not start the transformation there? 21st – 27th of September is the International Week of Happiness at Work, and we are among many other businesses and organisations that believe in a happy work life. When happy at your place of work, not only will your overall wellbeing and mood increase – but your productivity, motivation and efficiency will follow suit. This year has been a difficult one in many ways, but one thing that we are able to take control of is our jobs, and ensuring that you’re in a role you love is the first step.

Ultimately, we want everyone to be happy at work, wherever you work - so we’ve prepared a guide to help you to put your happiness first:


Find a career that you enjoy

Starting with an obvious solution – if you feel as though your industry or role isn’t suited to you, then chances are it’s not going to make you happy in the long run. Do you feel as though you belong where you are, or is it time for a career change?


Take charge of your own professional and personal development

Investing in your own growth is key, especially if you want to develop or further your skillset in your current role – potentially leading to a promotion, pay rise or a step up. Make lists and plan what your goals are and what you need to do to reach them. The power is in your hands essentially – and if you’re in a role which doesn’t allow you to progress how you want to, then it may be time to think about your opportunities. If you feel in control of your career, and you can see professional growth, then you’re more likely to be much happier in your position.


Ask for frequent feedback

Sometimes, even if you’re staying on top of everything then you can have off-days where you question your ability. Lets face it, we all do it. Sometimes asking for feedback from your boss or colleagues can give you that confidence boost, and perhaps provide you with tips for improvement. Working on improvement areas (whether that means more thorough task completion, learning new skills or workplace goals) will give a solid reassurance of your ability.


Only make commitments you can keep

One of the biggest causes of unhappiness at work is down to stress, taking on too much or not completing your workload. To manage your stress levels and minimise any work-related unhappiness then ensure that your workload isn’t exceeding your available time and energy – if it is then speak to someone at work about it. Your company may be able to provide you with additional help or resources.


Practice professional courage

The idea of conflict at work sounds scary – but if something is on your mind then dealing with it professionally can go a long way. Practicing professional courage is a fundamental aspect of generating new opportunities for yourself and your career. Standing up for your ideas will help create meaningful change, and ensure that you’re loving what you’re doing!


Make friends

Let's face it, you spend a lot of your time at work. Becoming friendly with colleagues is really an essential part of your work life. Catching-up with your coworkers after the weekend or having a rant about your homelife is sure to make you feel more comfortable in your work environment. Some of the best friends are made at work. If you’re having a particularly stressful day or have a lot going on then it counts to have people who make work feel that little bit easier. It also helps to talk through anything work-related with them, off the record.


Help your colleagues

Providing you have the time, then help your colleagues when they need it, and they’ll more than likely return the favour when it’s the other way around. It’s a known fact that helping others makes us feel good and it’s no different in a work environment. Knowing you made someone else’s day better will go a long way to your happiness, and even improve those all-important colleague relationships. It’s a win-win.


Make progress and acknowledge it

What good is success if you can’t acknowledge and reward yourself for it? One of the most powerful creators of employee positivity and morale is the feeling of advancing. Set yourself some goals – whether big or small - to work towards. Completion comes with satisfaction and gives you the ability to appreciate how far you’ve come. Goals can be anything from work projects broken down, communication to additional qualifications – but whichever personalised route that you take, solid happiness is the ultimate goal, and don’t stop until you get there!


If you think it’s time for a career change, then speak to one of our consultants today:

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