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Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day

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Engineering is suffering from a shortage of skilled candidates. At the same time, women are massively under-represented in the profession. Hiring the right people with the right skills is essential for any recruitment company and the responsibility to recruit both men and women to create a diverse working environment is just as important as filling the job.

February 21st is Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day, as part of National Engineers Week. It’s designed to encourage young women to think about becoming part of the Engineering landscape, as well as breaking down the stereotypes associated with this exciting, innovative and rewarding field.

Educating on Engineering

With women and young people only making up 14.2% of doctorate degrees specialising in mechanical engineering, 14 per cent of practicing engineers and 13 per cent being a mechanical undergrad, it’s important that as a nation, we influence these statistics by demolishing the negative stereotypes surrounding the industry and help re-educate on the reality of what Engineering can offer.

Though attitudes have begun to shift regarding women in engineering, the acute shortage of active female candidates , representing a shocking 11% of the total engineering workforce, is still a major issue today.

Your career as an Engineer

Engineering jobs offer fantastic rates of pay and career progression opportunities that show a clearly defined path to work your way up the ladder.  

Job satisfaction is a huge benefit that comes with engineering as seeing the completed project brings a great feeling of satisfaction and motivation. Intellectual development is another industry advantage, as engineering challenges staff to develop skills and solve problems which can be another rewarding factor.

It’s important that career paths, progress opportunities and the great incentives available with roles within engineering are clearly communicated in spaces where young women will see them. A clear path laid out gives those who have been ostracised from an industry a better chance of breaking into it.

What makes Engineering attractive?

STEM Learning, a programme designed to educate students in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, helps children understand and engage with these core engineering subjects. These kind of programmes are essential for younger generations to understand how these core subjects will help build their career options, as well as showing them how interesting the building blocks of the engineering industry really are.

The future of engineering is on the cutting edge of all kinds of exciting technologies, from 3D printing to AI and modular construction. These are all concepts that are emerging into the workplace right now, but the possibilities of what could be coming to the fore for the next generation are endless.

That’s why it’s essential to continue great initiatives like Introduce a Girl to Engineering day. There’s an overall shortage of engineers and a dismally low amount of women, yet this career path has so much to offer both financially and reward-wise.

Fusion People are committed to finding great jobs for whoever comes to us looking for one, but we’d really love it if we saw more women seeking out engineering work in the future and are excited to see what can happen if we fix the supply shortage plaguing this great industry.

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