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Looking For Work? Make Sure You...

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Looking for a new job is never easy, it can be stressful and sometimes disheartening especially when you don't' hear back from the company you are applying for. To make sure you are fully prepared for the employment industry, make sure you... 

  • Don’t quit a job before you start your research. Looking for work is stressful so quitting your job before is just added pressure. Have a look at what’s available before you quit so you get a rough idea of the companies that are recruiting and the ones you should apply for. 
  • Get on top of networking. Make employees aware you are looking for work. Post tweets, follow and respond to organizations on Twitter and Facebook. Interact with the accounts that you are interested in so you become recognizable to them.
  • Get on LinkedIn. Employers find a lot of their existing and future staff on LinkedIn so it is essential that you update your profile regularly. This is your chance to showcase your talents, achievements and experiences to other companies.
  • Update your CV and Cover Letter. Make sure your CV is looking it’s best and that you change your cover letter according to the company you are applying for. Do your research and take your time writing it. Try to think outside the box and use your creative imagination to help you stand out.
  • Do your research. Make sure you have a brief idea of the job industry you want to get yourself into. Once you know, look into the companies history and background so you understand a little bit more about them. 

Finding a new job feels like a job itself! However your experience will become a lot simpler and straightforward if you follow the 5 small steps above. Believe in yourself and your experience and allow your personality to shine through your applications, résumé and social media accounts. 

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