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Apprenticeships can pave a direct route into different career branches, and give you the chance to earn while you learn. Although traditional college and university courses can offer academic qualifications and skills, apprenticeships give the chance to accumulate employment experience, qualifications and get paid whilst doing so.

To celebrate National Apprenticeship Week 2020, we have conducted some research to find out which apprenticeships are the most rewarding in terms of progression opportunity and income, and thankfully our recruitment sectors are proven to take the lead.


An apprenticeship in the Construction industry can help you to build a stable future. Thanks to the increase in housing developments, the work is ever-growing along with the need for tradesmen. The number of construction apprentices has decreased significantly, giving a massive advantage to those seeking an apprenticeship. A career in Construction can offer lifelong skills – and because there are so many different elements to building, the choice of select skills is down to you.


Workers within the Energy and Utility sector are in high demand. The race for renewable energy means that corporations are always seeking skilled workers to install and maintain water, power and gas supplies to millions of homes and businesses throughout the UK. An exciting and adapting industry which allows you to contribute to environmental schemes and developments.


Engineering is recognised as one of the most rewarding and prestigious careers across the globe. The list of possibilities in engineering is diverse, and you can read more about the different potential pathways here. An engineer contributes to the world’s material development, and a career in Engineering will mean that you will develop alongside the global trends and discoveries. If you want the chance to make an impact, then a career in engineering would be suited to you. The UK is currently seeing a shortage of skilled engineers, meaning that there will always be an abundance of work so you can put your skills into motion.


If our own track record is anything to go by, then an apprenticeship in recruitment can be really successful. At Fusion People we have a number of internal success stories, which you can read here. Becoming an apprentice can give you the confidence and experience to kick-start a prosperous and rewarding career within the recruitment industry.

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