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Pensions Advice - Talk Money Talk Pensions Week 2019

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This week its ‘Talk Money Talk Pensions week’ and we are working alongside Money and Pensions Service (MAPS) to encourage financial well-being and to get people to talk about money. In the UK 22 million working-age adults feel unsure about pensions and admit that they are not confident in decision-making in terms of saving for retirement. As well as this, 5 million retirees feel unsatisfied and unhappy with their financial situation.

Thanks to the recent changes by government, workplace pensions are a requirement for those in permanent positions, which means that they can feel slightly more secure with their financial plans for the future and retirement. For those working on a contract, temporary or freelance basis then organising a pension can be more of an independent venture as opposed to your employer’s responsibility. Although organising your own pension plans can sound slightly daunting, it doesn’t have to be - and there are a number of services out there which are designated to helping and advising you throughout the process.

Pension Wise’, ‘The Pensions Advisory Service’ and ‘The Money Advice Service’ are all official organisations which are there to talk to you about pensions. Another option is ‘The Money Saving Expert’ – a website which offers reels of information on all aspects of your personal finance in which they have an entire section profusely dedicated to pensions.

To help our employees, or just those who aren’t opted in to a workplace pension scheme, we have researched pension and investment services to give you the best knowledge when it comes to planning for your retirement. Here is a list of (what we think are) some of the best firms:


1. Cavendish Online

 This firm offers an array of financial services and their reputation is endorsed by a number of financial experts. They also have multiple positive reviews.


2. BestInvest

An award-winning firm that provides a number of options for pension and retirement, as well as investment opportunities.


3. Commshare

A small company established in 1999, who offer a selection of different investment and fund services.


4. Close Brothers

This is a banking firm who provide different platforms covering lending, deposits and wealth management services.


5. Chelsea Financial Services

A long-standing company who offer direct pensions, investment services and multiple ISA options. 


6. Fidelity

A long-standing and trusted firm (according to reviews). They offer guidance along with their services of investments, funds and pensions.


7. Hargreaves Lansdown

An award-winning company who provide funding services, share/investment opportunities and pension amenities.


8. TQ Invest

This firm offers guidance and advice services as well as a number of different investment opportunities including ISA’s.


All firms endorsed by the Money Saving Expert. Read more about pensions and finances:


For official pension advice:

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