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Rail - Revamped Approach to Customer Service

There was a time when rail travel and the industry as a whole were considered inferior to other transport methods, however, that is most definitely a thing of the past and 2014 has many exciting examples that illustrate rail has completely revamped the way they deal with their valued customers.

Most conveniently, rail companies now provide Wi-Fi (often high speed connection) as standard. This is a brilliant example of how the sector has identified what people need from their service and quickly responded. Yes, sometimes certain providers ask for a small payment to avoid the networks being overcrowded, however the service is still a huge step forward in comparison to past years.

In July 2014, the BBC reported that Network Rail were erecting their own transmitters that would be fully installed by 2018. However, the government then retaliated by suggesting all trains themselves need to be upgraded to offer more reliable connections. This gradual contemporary improvement has enabled people to complete much more demanding work tasks whilst travelling, also encouraging them to leave the car on the drive and travel by greener options, in this case, rail.

The rail companies have also shaped a personality for themselves by creating social media accounts where followers can send questions, queries and concerns directly to the brands. Doing this has had mixed reactions with customers, but nevertheless the public can receive more personalised, speedier responses than simply sending an email.

Another technology based advance within the industry has been the creation of apps, again based on the need of the rail users. Customers now have the ease of using apps specifically made for their smart phones that allow them to access live arrivals and departures as well as delays, fares, frequently asked questions and planning a journey from scratch.

These advances within the industry have understandably had a direct impact on recruitment in the sector, vastly extending the opportunities available from the traditional engineer, train driver roles to public relations and app development openings.If you’re reading this thinking 2015 could be the year you make a change in career, graduate or maybe predict a promotion, then maybe the rail sector is worth your consideration. If unsure, do check out our recent infographic here showing key transferable skills that you might already have!

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