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Recruitment Trends 2020

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Taking the route of job application or temporary employment through an agency is something that nowadays, many people opt to do. Using an agency to find work can positively impact and direct your job search, and improve your confidence throughout the entire process. Consultants can offer productive and specialist advice, as well as presenting opportunities that may not have been known to you otherwise. Essentially, recruitment agencies can provide a fast-track service through to the best and latest vacancies within the covered industries.

Like most industries, recruitment can experience different waves of trends depending on the world around it. As expected, a few of this year’s predictions follow suit from the trends which flourished in 2019. For example, the ‘Mobile Recruiting’ trend is still projected to be directing the employment industry toward ‘on-the-go applications’. Smartphones now stand at the forefront of most human-focus enterprise, and recruitment is no different. If it’s not accessible on a mobile then chances are the engagement rate is not going to excel.

Here are the trends that are predicted to shape recruitment throughout 2020:


Candidate Driven Market

2020 is expected to be more ‘Team Candidate’ than years prior, making it an effective time to job-hunt. The growing number of opportunities and direct knowledge available to those seeking new employment or a new role will have an impact. According to predictions, employers should be seeking to impress candidates which entirely flips the way in which we know job application.


Proactive Recruitment

Recruitment Consultants are expected, if not already, to be more knowledgeable of their specialist industry. The benefits of doing this are quite obvious, as people want to trust what they’re buying into. Put it this way: if someone is trying to sell a job role to you unconfidently and pronouncing all of the jargon incorrectly, would you listen? Probably not.


Personality Focused Recruitment

In specialist sectors and trades this trend is not really applicable, due to the nature of the business. If you have a specialist qualification(s) and experience, then you’re likely to be a successful applicant, but in more customer-service or office-based roles then this trend will effectively come into play. Generally, personality focused recruitment involves more focus on the soft-skills possessed by a candidate, and these can play the difference against someone who has exactly the same experience or qualifications as you.


Candidate Experience Shareability

The focus on candidate experience focus is another trend which is expected to trickle over from last year. The ‘shareability’ of candidate experience is key, not only for wanting the primary candidate to accept the position, but because of social media and review culture. One candidate’s application/interview experience with an agency or employer may create a ‘recruitment butterfly effect’ and impact when recruiting in future.


Mobile/Social Recruiting

To be honest this article would be void without the mention of this trend. 90% of recruiters feel as though skills and confidence in using social media are a necessity to be able to do the role. Posting vacancies to Twitter and LinkedIn are pretty much the standard now for most consultants, and the simple reason is that most people spend a lot of time on their phones, on social media sites- even those who aren’t necessarily looking for a new job. If you want to reach the maximum engagement and delivery then using social media is key.

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