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Best Posts Round-Up - Big Energy Saving Week 2020

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After a successful week focusing on saving energy, we have rounded up some of the best posts that we could find to encourage energy-efficiency with one final push! The campaign has proven popular with those who want to save money and save the planet, which means we are spoilt for choice with all of the content produced by those who have got involved in the week. Here are what we think are some really interesting posts that promote and educate on sustainability.


First up is the best video that we have ever seen! One of the most effective ways to convince people to do something – get a dog to do it and video the whole thing. Everyone should be more like this dog…


The next is a very detailed infographic from Accord Healthcare – which gives a clear insight into one of their projects and how they’re ensuring sustainability, whilst passing on potential ideas.



Lloyds Bank for Business has put together this short video of handy tips on how to reduce energy waste in the form of heating.



We believe that there is nothing at all wrong with a bit of self-promo! Here’s a video that we think is useful and answers a lot of questions about smart meters and how they can save energy.



Lastly, a useful source that directs you to an energy comparison section of the Citizens Advice website. This speaks for itself in terms of saving you money on your energy bills.


For more information about the week, visit https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/about-us/our-campaigns/all-our-current-campaigns/besw/ 

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