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Steve Harper; The most sought after candidates right now!

Until recently discussion about the employment market has been dominated by talk of job layoffs, outsourcing and cutbacks as the economic recession has stubbornly refused to let go.

For jobseekers and employers alike this has given rise to a cautious approach to the job market - an understandably pragmatic approach given the circumstances. But 2014 has already seen growth in a number of areas as we've already mentioned in other blogs on this site.

Having been in close contact with a number of employers during the early part of this year, I've put together what I think are the 2 most in demand roles right now:

Transportation Planners

Transportation Planners get involved with transport planning, highway engineering and multi-disciplinary projects right across the UK. Like many roles within the engineering sector transportation engineers are scarce because of a loss of talent during the downturn and the graduate intake not being able to meet demand.

ITS (Intelligent Transport Systems) Engineers

ITS Staff typically specialise in information and communication technologies applied in the field of road transport, including infrastructure, vehicles and users, and in traffic management and mobility management. Although public funding is being squeezed everywhere the desire to free up capacity on the road network and the reticence to build means ITS Engineers and Consultants are in serious demand.

Both of these roles fall within the consulting engineering niche - a market that has suffered more than most during the downturn. Although it is too early to declare a universal recovery, promising signs within environmental and water specialisms indicate good times ahead.

To demonstrate how significant we see this market change as being, I've recently added 4 new recruiters across our UK network to service the strong demand coming from our engineering consultancy clients.

As the MD of brands that operate across a number of different markets I'm pleased to see growth in a variety of areas - and all the signs are that the stubborn resistence of the recession might just have been broken.

About the Author: Steve Harper is Managing Director for Fusion People. You can find out more on Steve's LinkedIn or Google+ profile.

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