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The benefits of working in the construction industry

The Benefits of Working in Construction.

The Construction industry is vital to building new structures and homes. Although it may have changed over the years, it’s an industry that continues to grow. Construction companies are always on the lookout for skilled workers, varying from Site Managers, Project Managers, Electrical Engineers through to Labourers, Ground workers and Heavy Machine Operators. If you’re considering to work in the construction industry – here are 4 benefits of doing so.


1.       You can travel

If you’re looking to move or have always fancied living in a different country. The construction industry allows you to do just that. Large building projects take place all over the UK and across the world at all different times. So if you’re looking to work where the major projects are, you can. To get a grip on where is good to work at the moment, check out our industry sector pages >>

CAdvantage claims that currently, the north-west of England offers the most jobs in construction. With 33,250 jobs expected to be created over the next 5 years with the South West a close second with over 32,400 jobs.


2.       Every day is a new challenge

A construction project is a process, which means no 2 days are the same. Throughout the project, you can be faced with multiple challenges which can keep you on your toes! Although the work can be stressful, it is also extremely rewarding seeing the finished results and knowing that you have given back to the community by helping build a home, school or hospital.


3.       Competitive pay

Salaries vary from experience but the range is pretty big. Most technical trainee roles can start on a generous £25k per annum and more experienced technical workers can earn £48k+. There are many ways in which you can progress in your career. You can either do a degree, a college course, a trainee course or just work your way up. Trades roles can also pay a decent amount. With more skilled trades earning from £15-£25 per hour (depending on location). Find out more by reading our salary survey >>


4.       All Skills welcome!

Whether you do IT, Carpentry or Engineering, the Construction industry requires a wide array of people with different skills. So if you’re looking to either progress or change your career, construction is always an option. Larger companies invest in trainees to make sure that we keep a steady supply, so if you’re looking for a career change, Construction is always an option!

According to Go Construct, the most in demand job role is Professional Technical and IT staff with an added 5,240 jobs with the second being Wood Trades and Interior Fit Out with 3,850 staff needed to join the industry.

If this post has sparked your interest in the construction industry you can view our industry sector page here.

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