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Three ways to find a job faster using a recruitment agency

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Our job is to find your next job. A good recruitment agency can help you find your next role quicker, whether you’re looking for a contract job or you want to find the next permanent step in your career.

You may have heard of recruitment agencies before, you might even have given your details to some to help you find a new job – but what do recruitment agencies do and how do we help you progress your career?


The temp turnaround

For a recruiter that works with a lot of temporary workers (like us) we know there are a number of people on our books who will be looking for their next role in a finite amount of time. If you prefer to work on a temporary basis, we’ll always be on the lookout for your next role before you finish your current one. This means we’ll look to get you an immediate turnaround on your next role, minimising downtime between work.

Make sure you keep your recruitment consultant up-to-date about what you might be looking for next to ensure they’re on the right track while searching for your next role. Are you happy doing more of the same? Want to gain experience in a particular area or focus on using a certain skill more? It all helps us find your next placement.

If you’re happiest working on a short-term basis, a recruitment agency can take the stress out of regularly finding new roles. A good agency can also have something lined up for you in time for the end date of your previous role.


Invaluable industry insight

As a recruitment agency that specialises in certain industries, we are very well placed not just to find roles in an industry, but to understand that industry inside and out. We have recruiters who have been working in rail, engineering and the built environment for decades. What they don’t know about their sectors, and finding jobs in them, is not worth knowing.

We have tools that help us identify upcoming projects, we have relationships with key industry bodies, companies and projects, as well as being on the cutting edge of any news and changes in these industries. In short, we know where the jobs are, when new ones will be coming and who to talk to about filling the roles.

That’s why it’s always worth finding a specialist recruitment agency to work with to find your next job. Their extra focus on the kind of work you’re looking for means they’ll be able to find you something faster than a generalist.


Familiar faces

When you’re looking for a new job, meeting lots of new people who you have no previous connection with can be nerve-wracking. With a recruitment agency, the previous relationship with the hiring business comes in to play and you get a nice cushion between you and the hiring manager.

If you use the same agency multiple times this effect is multiplied. You also get the benefits of the recruitment consultant assigned to you knowing your strengths and weaknesses better, understanding your job seeker profile and knowing where you’ve been successful before. You’ll become a job-finding dream-team in no time.

This personal touch is something Fusion People focus on massively, because it’s people that make the difference. It’s in our name, it’s at the heart of what we do as a business, and it will help you find your next job faster.

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