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Top Tips to Succeed in your Temp Role

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You may prefer the flexibility, the variety or the availability. A recent redundancy may have pushed you into the circumstance, but whatever the reason you find yourself in a temp role, there’s no doubt that you want to succeed. Temping has its advantages, its exciting and gives you the opportunity to keep your life fresh with recurring new opportunities. You’ll meet new people, visit new workplaces and learn new skills along the way. We’re sure that you will want to leave the best impression possible with your temporary employer when your placement finishes so that you and your temporary employer can report positive feedback to your consultant. Establishing a positive reputation and successfully completing your assignment will more than likely create many more opportunities in the future.

We’ve prepared a list to help you excel and ensure that you love each and every brand new role you’re placed into:

Be ready to learn

Joining a business for a limited amount of time can be a challenge, and there’s often a vast amount of information to take in. Adopting the right attitude and enthusiasm to learn can help with the completion of tasks and the development of new, transferable skills.

Communicate well

Communication is a key skill no matter where you’re working. Communicating well with colleagues is a fundamental step in performing well at work. It will also help you adapt easily to your new surroundings and workplace culture, and ensure that you pick up your new tasks without any misunderstanding.

Go the extra mile

Staying one step ahead at work will always work in your favour. By exceeding expectations and providing an “added-value” service beyond your original brief, you will demonstrate how committed you are to your employer. You will want to leave your temp placement feeling positive and proud of yourself as an employee, after all you are showcasing yourself and representing the agency you’re employed by.

Additional transferable skills

Employers will naturally express an expectation of skill level, which is of course why you’ve been placed into the role. Exhibiting your additional transferable skills can create a strong reputation with the employer. Additionally, utilising opportunities to display your talents, work ethic and commitment to a company can often lead to new career prospects within the business.

Be confident

It can be nerve-wracking going into any new job role, especially as a temp worker, but try to keep your confidence high. Remember, you have been specifically matched into the role by a consultant. Your professional experience has made you stand out and the consultant believes in your potential, therefore you should too!

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